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Film Society Broadens Viewers Horizons

Students huddle under the glow of the screen as David Lynch’s surrealist 1977 film “Eraserhead” plays to a silent audience. Uneasy attendees watch as the nightmarish film washes the classroom over in fear.

This was the October Film Society meeting, the club devoted to exposing students to various forms of art and storytelling through film.

The club’s president, senior Charles Tarr, is a lifelong fan of movies.

“I have been watching movies for as long as I can remember,” Tarr said. “I think there is something so special about sharing the moviegoing experience with another person and then discussing it which is why I originally joined the club.”

Tarr and English teacher Cara Lane, the club’s sponsor, pick each film to showcase a diverse group of movies.

“Our mission is to promote an appreciation of film by viewing films throughout the year in monthly screenings that span generation and genre,” Lane said.

In the 20 years that Lane has been advising the Film Society, not one film has been shown twice.

“I try to pick films I have never seen,” Lane said. “I have never repeated a film the entire time I have run this group. That’s exciting for me because even as somebody as long as I’ve been doing this and as many movies I consume pretty regularly, there is always more out there, more to explore.”

By screening oblique films like “Eraserhead” or classics like “The Red Shoes,” each meeting promotes discussion and analysis in an attempt to expand attendees’ horizons and appreciation for film.

“My favorite part of film society is that we can see all of these interesting films and see how different artists have continuously pushed the medium to new lengths than before,” senior club member Steven Crony said. “It’s a great way for people to experience true art in the form of movies.”

Tarr has taken the opportunity to screen his favorite film of all time, “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

“I thought we should show the best movie ever,” Tarr said. “Directed by Stanley Kubrick, who I think is the best director ever, and It’s important for a lot of people to see this movie even if it’s out of their comfort zone.”

The screening will take place on Feb. 13 in Mrs. Lane’s room.

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Owen Anderson, Staff Writer
Owen Anderson is a senior and a second-year journalism student. He is a second-year member of EHS Yearbook holding the position of co-managing editor. He plans to major in English on a pre-law track. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, writing reviews for movies on Letterboxd and reading. One thing about Owen is that he has a blasé attitude about anything, yet has a strong opinion on everything, even topics he is not quite informed on.