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Broadcasting Seniors Hand Over the Mic

Zach Kennett
Junior Justin Dial films the Morning Show.

As seniors graduate, they often have a clear path forward in mind. The clubs they operate, however, may not. Senior duo Thomas Almos and Tennyson Rose have been running EHS Tiger Broadcasting for three years and recently, the duo has started to look towards new leadership. 

“When we were in our younger years, the seniors during that time did not teach us [their] knowledge and we want to have future leaders feel comfortable with what they are doing,” Rose said. “I had to do a lot of trial and error … I don’t want our younger broadcasting [members] to have to go through that struggle.”

During the 2022-23 school year, Almos and Rose were the sole faces of the EHS Morning Show, with several other members staying behind the scenes to help edit the videos. When the two took up leadership roles in the club three years ago, they knew they wanted to do more than “just morning announcements,” according to Almos.  

“Our goal was to get broadcasting more stuff to do and become more seen through our time here,” Almos said. “We succeeded [more than] what we could have imagined”

One of the club’s biggest successes comes from live-streaming sports games, which range from basketball to baseball to football. The group’s YouTube channel has roughly 1400 subscribers and is continuously growing. 

“When I joined the club, our YouTube channel was at 475 subscribers and now we are at [1400],” Rose said. “We are always trying to do more sports than we have done before. This year we did a decent amount of girls volleyball games. It is just hard to cover all the sporting events when you only have one set of equipment.”

Though the broadcasting crew has been receiving support from German teacher Levi Antrim, the videos are mostly driven by students and Athletic Director Amy Boscolo. Since the beginning of this school year, the group has worked to find more support for their projects; the broadcasting crew’s presence has increased greatly due to Boscolo’s direct involvement. 

“She has been working to help us expand and motivate us. We are a student-run organization and we still need some assistance every once and a while,” Rose said. “She pushes us to do better things and push our club to a new level. Without her assistance, broadcasting would be on the verge of shutting down. With the assistance of Ms. Boscolo, broadcasting now has a bright future.”

In addition to Boscolo’s help, the seniors look to leave the club in the capable hands of several members: juniors Justin Dial, Ian Cho and Laura Gusewell, as well as sophomores Leo Rulo, Shreyas Medikonda, Sawyer Heck and Margaret Stacy.

“We have had some new members this year that have come in with some great new ideas,” Rose said. “Justin Dial has really helped with the interview stuff, which it’s seemed like people have been enjoying.”

Dial, initially the Friday Show Team Lead, began to take on more responsibility during the first semester. After some guidance from Rose, who is the Livestream Team Lead, Dial looks forward to improving “the structure and methods by which broadcasting is run.” 

According to Dial, the key to keeping the members and audience engaged is “constantly interacting with the live chat and giving fun and interesting facts about the players.”

Even though many students will miss seeing Almos and Rose on the screen, the duo is excited to see what the club can become. 

“When I started we had five active members and now we have around 15 active members … new people bring in new ideas and we are trying to lay a solid foundation for what broadcasting can be in the future,” Rose said.