Drama Students Prepare for ‘Clue’ During Hell Week

Chase Golem, Student Life editor

Hell has begun as “Clue” prepares for the public next week. The set is being finalized and the actors are running through the entire show after school.

Widely known as hell week, this week the drama students have been getting ready for the production of “Clue” every day after school.

“It’s when both tech and actors work in the same space together to create the show,” senior and costume designer Caidyn Crouch said.

For the past few days, all cast and crew have stayed after school for many hours. They’re there to make sure the play is in good shape before the matinée.

“It is a big time commitment,” junior and actor Sydney Andrews said. “This year we have two weeks of tech, and we are there from 2-6 p.m. every day.”

This large commitment, however, has some students drained. Even though the hell week dates and times are laid out during auditions, as described by junior and actor Jacob McKey, things can still get in the way.

“The product is definitely worth it but it’s just a lot of tough things,” McKey said. “I mean I love all my friends I get to spend time with, but I just feel that it’s so much with all the time and also school.”

While it is a huge commitment for already busy students, hell week isn’t all madness. To Crouch, it’s worth the wait.

“’Hell’ describes the weeks as if it were a bad thing,” Crouch said. “It can be incredibly stressful, but every minute is filled with dedicated work by every member of every department.”

All the work from hell week will come into action on Nov. 11 and 12, when “Clue” is open to the public, here under the EHS auditorium lights.

“Honestly, this show has been challenging because of the amount of moving parts from sets to quick scene changes,” McKey said. “It also has been a pretty rough rehearsal process because, for all of us, we have tried to find ways to make the characters we have very exaggerated and fun, which has been a goal of the show.”