Drama Club Prepares To Get A ‘Clue’ For the Fall Production

Maggie Terry, Staff writer

The EHS Drama Club started their first week of preparation for their November production of Clue last week. 

Clue, which is based off the 1985 movie that is inspired by the board game, is a mix of murder mystery and comedy. 

The production was picked by a group of six adult leaders, who all have different positions in the play. 

While discussing possible ideas for the fall play, one of the leaders suggested a murder mystery. Drama Club Director Ashley Melton fell in love with the idea and decided that Clue was the perfect option. 

“Clue is really funny but also it’s recognizable for students and families,” Mrs. Melton said.

47 students auditioned for the production on Thursday, Sept. 1.

Students were given a selection of monologues on Monday, Aug. 29. They were asked to remember their monologue and perform it on audition day in front of the group of adults. 

The group then had to make a decision on who to cast out of the 47 auditioners for the 28 roles. 

When casting, the main qualities that are looked for are auditioners’ speaking ability, physical characterization, and if they fit the role. 

“When I’m casting I always have to think about who would be best for the overall show rather than what’s best for each individual,” Mrs. Melton said. 

Actor and junior Jacob Mckey was cast in the role of one of the main characters, Mr. Green.

“When I auditioned I knew I wanted to be one of the pieces on the Clue board so I was thrilled for that to come,” Mckey said.

Mckey, who has been doing Drama Club since second grade, has learned over time how to remember and recite monologues quickly. 

“So we had about three nights that we could prepare for it, but since I’ve got some pretty time-consuming classes in my schedule and I am a big procrastinator, I didn’t start practicing until the night of the audition,”  Mckey said.

The lead role of Wadsworth was achieved by actor and junior Jeremiah Harmon.

“I was surprised and didn’t even believe it when I heard that I got the lead but the feeling was amazing,” Harmon said. 

Senior Lauren Bruss is performing as Mrs. White, one of the main characters, for her last fall play. Although she auditioned in hopes of getting the role as Mrs. Peacock, she soon realized that Mrs. White’s character is a better fit. 

“Considering all the creative choices I get to make with Mrs. White who is insanely dramatic, I feel like the luckiest person,” Bruss said. 

While Bruss is making a decision on if she wants to continue theater after high school, she says that even though if she doesn’t continue, it will always be in her life somehow.

“The passion I’ve learned to bring on stage and in every aspect of my life makes a difference in people’s lives,” Bruss said.

Now that the cast is set, members started rehearsals on Wednesday. The first showing is the school performance on Thursday, Nov. 10.