Tigers Return To School In Hopes For A Normal Year


Photo by Charles Pyle

Maggie Terry, Staff writer

Students returned to a “normal” first day of high school on Wednesday, Aug. 17, just to realize that there were some new changes since years before. This seemingly regular year will now include a new schedule change for students and stricter enforcement of administrative rules. 

One of the new changes for this year is a shortened schedule on Wednesdays. The school day will be cut an hour earlier to accommodate for teacher meetings.

“We get this hour of time as teachers that we are actually going to start working together to collaborate to share ideas,” Spanish teacher Gabrielle Thuenemann said. “So that part about the new Wednesday schedule makes me really excited because we don’t always have that opportunity.”

While teachers seem to embrace this change to the schedule, some students may be adversely affected by an abbreviated Wednesday. Mace Karnes, one of the freshmen to go to Nelson during the afternoon for classes, now has to eat lunch at 9:45 a.m. every Wednesday.  

“I think they are pushing it a little,” Karnes said. “I feel like they shouldn’t have lunch because it’s practically lunchtime when we get out.” 

Another new change to this school year is the administrative rules that are being strongly enforced this year. Student IDs are required to be worn around students’ necks at all times, cellphones are prohibited during class, and the dress code is now in full force. 

Although senior Luke DeConcini thinks that the stricter enforcement of the policy that requires students to display their IDs is a good way to help ensure students’ safety, he is having a hard time getting used to the new cellphone policy.   

“The cracking down on phones still gets to me because I’m just so used to always having my phone out,” Deconcini said.  

Senior Ella Smith thinks that the stricter dress code is a hard change, especially for girls. 

“It’s just hard for girls to find outfits that are fitting to the dress code these days and it has gotten very strict for our senior year,” Smith said. 

Even with the new adjustments and the new Wednesday schedule, Smith was happy to have the opportunity to experience another normal beginning since her freshman year. 

“I am really excited that we are going to have everything back to normal, it’s just kinda bittersweet,” Smith said.