A Night of ‘EPIC’ Proportions

Grace McGinness, Sports Editor

The teams are gearing, preparing themselves for the fight of their lives. Studying is being done, last-minute switches to themes and players are being made and the frantic scramble has begun; on Friday, March 11, EPIC is hosting their teen-only trivia night. 

The event is taking place in the EHS commons and is open for any teenager who wants to participate.  Up to eight people per table are permitted and the price per ticket is $10.  Doors open at 6 p.m., but trivia doesn’t start until  7 p.m.

EPIC council member junior Allyssa Daube said that there is always a lot of planning that goes into the making of any event, but especially this trivia night. Some of these tasks include going to businesses to ask for funding and giveaways, advertising with flyers and posters, putting together questions for each table and coordinating with Ms. Lane who will be hosting for the evening. 

And their work doesn’t end once the event actually starts.

“We have to pick up all of the giveaways after school, decorate, make sure all of the tables are set up, check and count drinks and set up any food that we are going to provide,” Daube said.  

The EPIC council members also have to organize the commons by setting up projectors and moving tables accordingly.

Fellow EPIC member, junior Mackenzie Heberer, said there is even more pressure to make this night good since the last time EPIC got to host their trivia night was in 2019.  

 “EPIC has held a trivia night for many years and we wanted to do it again this year,” she said.  “We were very lucky to get Ms. Lane to provide and read all of the questions.  We also reached out to local businesses –Annie’s, Jimmy Johns and Macalester’s among others- to help provide donations.”

But the absolute hardest part of planning this event according to sophomore Kelsey Renth was advertising.

“I think [getting the word out to students is] a challenge for a lot of events,” she said.  “We made posters, flyers and social media posts.”

After all of this work, EPIC is ready to see their event happen, but the best part of all of this, according to Renth, was the planning.

The best part of all of this she said: “getting to work and coming together with my peers in EPIC to come up with an exciting trivia night filled with fun activities.  This event wouldn’t be possible without all of them.”