Auditions Begin For Talent Show

Jaelyn Hudson, A+E Editor

After a week’s delay, performers are preparing to take the stage for talent show auditions on Feb. 9 and 10. 

“This year, everyone signs up for a scheduled time slot,” senior Carter Schwalb said. “As long as you can perform solidly, you’ll almost definitely make it into the show. The audition process is always scary but equally fun because of the reward of performing.”

Schwalb is auditioning for the third time since entering high school. But he is performing alone for the first time, having auditioned with bands for his freshman- and sophomore-year shows. 

“It’s definitely more nerve-wracking without other band members, but I think it will be a fun, rare opportunity to do something alone,” Schwalb said. “I’d be lying if I said I’m not a little terrified of performing.”

According to junior StuCo member Izzy O’Day, the audition process is designed to highlight a variety of unique talents, and the judges take time to carefully choose the talent show cast. 

“As the acts go by, notes are taken about the best ones, most entertaining, and such,” O’Day said. “It’s also to keep track of how many of the same acts there are so there’s more diversity of talents in the show. And then at the end the judges – the StuCo officers – vote on the acts and get the time down to about one and a half to two hours.”

For Schwalb, the best way to prepare is getting comfortable with the material. 

“Honestly, I just rehearse till I can’t get the lyrics out of my head,” Schwalb said. “Singing and playing guitar at the same time is pushing myself to the limit, so I will be trying to practice how I perform by relying less and less on the lyrics.”

But the stage experience is the greatest motivator to audition. 

“The thrill of performing is fantastic, especially with an enthusiastic crowd,” Schwalb said. “I also really love the song I’m performing as well as my guitar, so the three really combine to make a great auditioning experience.”

Senior Jonah Hallquist agrees. 

“I usually feel a little bit nervous beforehand, but then it feels great to start playing,” Hallquist said. “…I want to be able to perform in front of people any chance I get.”

But the talent show has a deeper purpose: it closes out the celebrations of Beauty Week.

“Beauty week is about loving and embracing yourself…” O’Day said “…and the talent show allows people to express themselves and show off stuff they love that they might not get to without this opportunity…the talent show is a really nice way to end the week.”