New Counselor Picks Up Slack

Tyler Chrenka, Editor-in-Chief

School counselors are crucial throughout all of high school. In your underclassmen years, they keep you on track to graduate. And in your senior year, they help you transition into the adult world, whether it’s applying to college or trade school or taking a different route. 

So when one of the counselors, Ms. Coleman, quit in the middle of the year, the high school needed to find a quick replacement. 

Luckily, former math teacher Justine Veath was interested in the position. 

“I got my counseling degree probably seven or eight years ago. I interned here, so I worked down [in the guidance office] quite a bit, and after that I’ve always wanted to end up here…” Mrs. Veath said. “So when an email went out saying there was a position open for a counselor, I reached out…”

Mrs. Veath submitted a resume and later interviewed for the position; she was given the job the same day as the interview. 

Immediately after settling in, Veath began helping students with their college applications. 

“College applications have definitely been the first priority. The first deadline for some of these applications is November 1, so the other counselors and I knew that we had to take care of those,” Veath said. “I’ve been calling students down and checking on graduation requirements, asking about college and finding out if they need anything from me like a reference letter or transcript.”

Because Ms. Coleman left in the middle of the year, it caused a setback in this process. To cope with the lost time, counselor Tara Quinn stepped in.  

“Mrs. Quinn and I have been tag teaming the seniors [that used to go to Mrs. Coleman]. She took one half and I took the other half,” Veath said. “I fully expect every recommendation letter to be done on time.” 

Senior Ava Lightle, one of the hundreds of Mrs. Veath’s new students, was concerned when she heard that her former counselor departed, but she is pleased with how the guidance department has adjusted. 

“Though it’s unfortunate that Ms. Coleman left, I do not think it will affect that many people, if at all,” Lightle said. “Mrs. Veath has already called me down and talked to me, and I’m very happy with how that process went… she was organized, efficient and super nice.”

Like Lightle, senior Leah Kaburick is very happy about her new counselor. 

“My experience with Veath, so far, is good. I was called down to her office to switch my parchment counselor to her name instead of Coleman’s, and she walked me through everything in the college application process,” Kaburick said. “She was very upbeat and made it clear that she will be available to answer any questions I have. From that interaction, I know that I am in good hands.”