Homecoming May Look Different – but Student Council is Hopeful

This years Homecoming Dance will take place on Oct. 2 from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Caspar Dowdy, Editor-in-chief

Colorful outfits, group photos, loud music and time with friends – another homecoming season is fast approaching. 

This year, though, Edwardsville students may find the traditions they’re used to have changed.

“The biggest challenge we’ve faced so far has been the constant changes in procedure due to COVID. We had everything ready and planned out for an indoor dance and now, less than a month before homecoming, we had to re-plan for it to be outside,” junior student council member Lexi Trimm said.

While the Oct. 2 event may not look familiar, students can still expect to enjoy the experiences homecoming offers.

The theme this year is going to look perfect outside, and the setup will be gorgeous. There will be dancing with a DJ under six large white tents, and we have businesses and different food trucks coming with amazing food that will either be free or between $3 and $5, junior student council member Caroline Marcus said. “We also have a photographer coming to take pictures of people in a carriage.”

Though student council has had to make changes in their homecoming plans, there are new opportunities to be found at the dance.

“I think, especially for the dance, it might start some new fun traditions or change it a bit depending on people’s responses… It really just depends on the student population and their views on it,” Marcus said.

Having voted on a “Night of Enchantment” theme, council members began work organizing the forest-themed decorations. The move outdoors required them to rethink some of their decisions.

“The theme has stayed the same, but the decorations have had to be condensed from a bunch of backdrops and bigger pieces to focusing on fairy lights and table centers…” Trimm said.

Complications aside, student council members are optimistic about what they’ve created. For junior Cole Simpson, finding ways to work around restrictions gave the council a chance for improvement.

“Even though this has been a bit challenging, this change is going to provide us the opportunity to plan an even better event,” Simpson said.

Because the dance will be outside on concrete, students are encouraged to bring comfortable shoes and a jacket in case the weather is cold.

“…if you are considering wearing heels maybe just wear them for pictures, and then switching into tennis shoes, because they will not be comfy all night,” Marcus said.

While student council was able to adapt to many of the restrictions brought on by COVID, some rules – like the prohibiting of outside guests – had to stay in place. For some EHS students, this change was disappointing news.

“I have a boyfriend that goes to a different school, and it makes me really sad that I’m not able to bring him in…” junior Selin Aktuna said. “I’ll still enjoy the dance, but I’d much rather have him with me.”

Though some students are hesitant to attend a homecoming that differs from previous years, Trimm says students shouldn’t dismiss the event.

“I would say that even though it won’t be ‘normal,’ it’ll still be a chance to dance and get dressed up with friends,” Trimm said, “and who doesn’t love some free food?”