Parent-Teacher Conferences to Take Place on Zoom

Sarah Fidahussain, Student Life Editor

For many students, seeing their parents on Zoom with their teachers feels like a strange dream.

Well, this year it is a reality.

Parent-teacher conferences are being held via Zoom this year and along with it comes technical concerns.

Honors Psychology and US History teacher William Herman feels that technology issues can cause chaos for everyone.

“Yes, tech issues are definitely a concern. If things go bad and the system crashes or glitches then all parties involved become frustrated,” Herman said. “We will see how it goes. We don’t have much choice in the matter.”

Even though the setup will be different, many students believe it is good they are still happening.

“I think parent-teacher conferences are going to be very different this year due to it being online on zoom but in general I think it is a chance for parents to know how their child(ren) are doing in school,” freshman Mahedi Patel said.

Students like sophomore Cole Simpson feel that teacher conferences are important to making this year a little more understandable to parents.

“I think parent-teacher conferences this year are definitely needed. They’ll help a lot, not only so parents hear about their kids, but so parents actually learn what is going in these crazy times,” Simpson said.

Diaz agrees.

“It’s good for parents to meet their kids’ teachers so they can talk about how the kids are doing in school and what they can improve on. And that’s especially important this year I feel like because of how different school is. [it is good] so teachers can help parents understand what’s expected of students this year.”

Senior Amal Rizvi has differing feelings toward parent-teacher conferences.

“I’ve never personally benefited from them [parent-teacher conferences], but I’m sure other students are able to get a better understanding of where they need to be in a class to succeed.”

Algebra 2, Honors Trigonometry and Honors PreCalculus teacher Angela Vanbuskirk feels that this year they will be “interesting.”

“I am hoping that our bandwidth at EHS can support the staff during those nights and days…if not, a phone call during that allotted time will have to suffice,” Vanbuskirk said. “I am hoping parents are as understanding with the possible tech issues as we have been with our students.”

Despite all the issues that could happen, Vanbuskirk feels optimistic.

“This will be a PTC [parent teacher conference] to remember.”