Class president Patrick Cheatham Promises Change this Year

Daniel Garrison, Staff Writer

Since Patrick Cheatham began his campaign, he has advocated for one thing: change.  Cheatham’s campaign revolved around promises such as lowering the cost of pizza and increasing the publishing of The Claw. However, now that he is class president, change means far more to Cheatham than altering school policy. 

Past class presidents have done little to change school practices, but Cheatham plans to reinvent the position of class president.

“I’m just here to make life easier for students at EHS,” Cheatham said. “I got elected to help people. I want them to come to me with problems and ask me if there is a solution. I will work out that solution with the administration.”

Cheatham’s overall message is that he wants to be a voice for all students because of his belief in his fellow students and his community.  Major changes can be made when the student body, class officers, and administration work together.  New problems that people were not aware of can be brought to light and resolutions can be made. 

Cheatham believes any solution is possible between him and principal Dr. Stuart. 

“I have known Dr. Stuart since middle school,” Cheatham said, “I plan on keeping my promises, and I believe Dr. Stuart is the principal that will listen, weigh our options, and if we can’t do that we’ll reach a compromise.” 

Cheatham is adamant about representing students who feel like they are not normally represented by class presidents. Cheatham explains that groups like band and cross country do not get the publicity they deserve for the hours of work they put in. He plans to fix this through increased advertisement as well as collaboration with The Claw.

“I feel like [those groups] are just the start [of groups that do not get the attention they deserve.] I am happy to speak with other groups to come to a solution.”

Cheatham was originally inspired to run for president to support all students and to enact the positive change that he wanted to see. 

“To run a campaign, you need students to support you. You have to believe in them. I believe in them. That belief, and the thought of bringing change to Edwardsville High School, convinced me to run in the first place.” 

Cheatham’s fellow officers are starting to take notice of his dedication.

“He is ensuring that he is engaging with the student body,” Vice President Amal Rizvi said. “He was very committed to campaigning for his position, and I believe it is starting to reflect in some of our discussions we have had this year.”

In his closing remarks during his interview with Tiger Times, Cheatham said “To the people reading this, I believe in you. If you have a problem, come to me and I will work out a solution with you.”