Successful Senior Sunrise Promotes Possible Future COVID Events


Hellen Zheng

Seniors await the sun’s arrival at the first-ever “Senior Sunrise” event sponsored by StuCo.

Cassi Reaka, Editor-in-Chief

Headlights began to illuminate the Complex parking lot at 5:30 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 28. Behind their masks, students smiled as they met with friends, ate some complimentary donuts and prepared to enjoy the morning.

The senior sunrise was hosted by Stuco in an effort to give seniors something to look forward to in this time of uncertainty. Senior Julia Ribbing, Stuco vice president, was inspired to start this new tradition by other schools in the area.

“I know Metro and McGivney do one each year and I always thought it’d be cool to do one,” Ribbing said. “With COVID happening this year I thought it’d be the perfect time to have one.”

Ribbing and senior Jack Wise, Stuco president, outlined a plan on how they would conduct the sunrise safely, before presenting the idea to administration.

“Thankfully, Dr. Stuart loved the idea and, after running the idea by Dr. Henderson, gave us the okay,” Wise said. “Then, Julia and I ordered donuts and that was about it.”

According to Wise, there were around 150 seniors who attended.

“A lot of people told me they didn’t mind the actual sunrise, they were just happy to have an opportunity to get to hang out with their friends like old school events,” Wise said.

Although there will be obvious obstacles in planning events this year, Wise is optimistic that there will be more to come.

“If things continue as they are, Stuco is definitely planning to attempt similar events,” Wise said. “Dr. Stuart told us that Senior Sunrise was our test event for the year and, with how well it went, I would say that the chance for future events is very likely.”

While new traditions are in the making, senior Sam Sanders is hoping she will get the opportunity to continue a timeless one.

“I hope that we will have football games and be able to have a full student section like we normally do,” Sanders said. “It’s just one of the little things that I think is a huge part of being a senior that I’m not sure we will get.”