Beauty Week Promotes Self-Love

Taylor Meek, A&E Editor

Just days away from Valentine’s Day, EHS begins February with a confidence booster known as Beauty Week.

STUCO has created a week dedicated to advocating for self-love and appreciation for those around us.

“A few years ago, student council started Beauty Week to help students better understand the concept of inner beauty and accepting one’s self and others,” said Usma Rizvi senior class president and STUCO vice president.

In past years, students knew it was beauty week when they stepped into the school bathrooms, looked into the mirror only to be bombarded with words of affirmation written in bright red or pink, such as, “beYOUtiful.” The whole point of this was to pull the individual’s attention away from him or herself, and to focus on their inner beauty.

“We want people to realize that it’s never about physical appearances,” Rizvi said. “It’s about character and being respectful to everyone, starting with yourself.”

For the last two weeks STUCO has gathered sticky notes from students and faculty that express kind words about others, as they have done in the past. These notes have and are still being collected to form the Beauty Week banner in the commons.

To obtain a sticky note, you can make a trip to the spirit store before school or during your lunch period through the week.

This year, STUCO decided to do things a little different.

On Monday, Feb. 3, clothespins that have positive messages about beauty were passed out in the morning, and everyone who received one had the duty to pin it on someone else. Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of similar ideas: lip balm and candy that had kind words attached to their wrappings were passed around. Thursday EHS pens were given out.

Friday will be the most eventful day of the week as it is “come as you are” day.

Students are encouraged to come to school wearing comfortable clothes and no make-up. Later that night EHS will host a ping pong tournament at 6 pm. Teams of two pay $20 to enter for a chance to win a cash prize and a trophy. Refreshments will be available.

Senior Scottlyn Ballard still seems unimpressed by this year’s Beauty Week festivities.

“In earlier years I feel there was more gravitas with it,” Ballard said. “Now, while the participation and spirit is there, it’s not in the same gusto. Personally, I don’t think it’s as strong as previous years.”

Some people, like senior Hayden Hall, would rather sit school events like these out, but are perfectly fine with others getting what they can out of the activities.

Hall said, “I don’t really participate, but if it makes at least one person feel better then I think it’s worth it.”