Prom Committee Commences Planning

Katelyn Harris, Staff Writer

You walk into prom. Tables are set with beautiful centerpieces, the candy bar is stocked.

Prom committee is behind this well done setting.

Social sciences teacher Siaree Knabe is the sponsor of prom committee.

Anyone can be a part of prom committee, regardless of their grade.

“Freshmen and sophomores can help but I let all the juniors and seniors make the decisions because it’s technically their prom,” Mrs. Knabe said. “It’s mostly juniors and seniors but I will occasionally have freshman and sophomores on there, they just don’t really get a whole lot of say.”

Prom committee’s first meeting is Thursday, Dec. 5. The meetings will be every Thursday but as prom is gets closer, they will meet several times a week according to Mrs. Knabe.

Mrs. Knabe is hoping more people will join again this year. “A lot of my members were seniors [last year] and so you know they graduate,” Mrs. Knabe said ‘“I definitely need more people.”

Senior Rachel Pfile said she is joining prom committee again this year, making it her second year. She said she’s very excited to pick the theme.

“I know for a fact this year that I will be pushing to do the senior survey with a secret twist,” Pfile said. “The senior prom survey is about what hors d’oeuvres would you eat and for decoration things but this year we might change that portion to something secret.”

To join the committee all you have to do is show up to the meeting.

“We plan all of the decorations, what we’re going to have at prom food wise, photo booths, what type of photo booths we’ll have, what types of things we’ll be doing; that kind of stuff,” Mrs. Knabe said.

Senior Alisa Cook is also coming back to prom committee for another year.

Cook said, “Everyone is so sweet and just getting together to make sure people have fun at prom‍.”