Drama Club Improv Show Set To Amaze

Ryan Stewart, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The auditorium is home to many shows and productions that always pack the seats. And on Sept. 27, a new show will wing its way on stage and ad lib for a few hours.

The EHS Drama Club is no stranger to many students, but it’s bringing a new show to students that has never been performed at EHS before: improv.

The idea has been discussed before, but not until this year has there been a group willing to pursue it. Senior Izzy Doyle and junior Isaac Hobin reflected upon this with Drama Club President senior River Johnson and their peers, who all determined it was a great idea.

“We started off with an improv workshop last year that a lot of people including myself had such a blast in,” Johnson said. “A lot of us wanted to expand on this and just really create a more dedicated group of improv actors.”

The club decided to go for it, and a format similar to “Whose Line Is It Anyway” emerged.

“The show will be a team-based head to head competition where both teams perform in improv games, mainly comedy-story based,” Hobin said. “The crowd decides who they like better and the prize is bragging rights.”

While at the core this show is about putting on a fun and entertaining production, Doyle added that the night’s proceeds will be used to support fellow students.

“This is an opportunity for Drama Club to raise money for scholarships for students who want to attend the Illinois State Theatre Festival but can’t afford the cost,” Doyle said. “It’s essentially a fundraiser.”

The night itself is going to be all about the performance and the actors themselves don’t know what will happen, which gives them a sense of anticipation.

“I think that this is yet another great idea that our club is able to turn into something that’s going to be so much fun,” Johnson said. “I cannot wait for this because I honestly don’t know what to expect. With something like improv it could really go anywhere.”

With only a loose game plan the show will not just be improvisational in name, and Hobin said, a lot will come from that aspect of it.

“I love how crazy it can get and seeing the talent of all the people involved in the purest form,” Hobin said. “I expect laughs and lots of fun to be had from everyone involved.”

But, Johnson and Doyle both said, just because the show is improv doesn’t mean they aren’t preparing for it.

“[My favorite part of the show] has to be knowing how hard they have been working on this,” Johnson said. “They are incredibly talented and have been training so much.

“They are going to make it such an entertaining show.”