Tin-Hatters Re-emerge: EHS Conspiracy Theory Club Returns for Another Year

Lauren Johnson, Views Editor

There’s just something about the  EHS conspiracy theory club…

Senior Andrew Delmore founded Conspiracy Theory Club early in the 2018-2019 school year. After debating conspiracy theories with his AP Environmental Science teacher, Amy Burian, in class, he decided to form his own club to continue their “wrangling” elsewhere.

During club meetings, Mrs. Burian and Delmore feel like they have to play “devil’s advocate” if the topic is controversial enough.

“For example, they were talking about Jeffery Epstein earlier, and some of the assumptions went a little too far,” Mrs. Burian said.

As last Monday was one of the first meetings of the year, few conspiracies were up for discussion. Instead, members contributed to the array of discussion on the board: Stevie Wonder and his “blindness,” birds, and supposed money laundering at Mattress Firms in Illinois.

“I’m going to try some more controversial topics this year such as 9/11 to test the waters and see if we can handle it,” Delmore said. “I would like to talk about those topics but it’s kind of a dangerous game nowadays.”

Once the club gains more members, as it is now 13 members strong, Delmore said that he would entertain the idea of becoming more investigative as a club.

“I would be totally down for a field trip in our area (Edwardsville); it would be cool to check out the mattress stores,” Delmore said.

Delmore said he would like to see more theorists conduct independent research prior to coming to the meetings. Additionally, Mrs. Burian said she will contribute to the conversation when not many people know a lot about a theory.

“A lot of them talk about new pop culture (topics)…I am not well versed on those ones. I kind of find it interesting to hear what one has to say and how they interpret what’s going on.”