EHS Student Spreads Hope

Sydney Hershberger, Staff Writer

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Orphans are rescued, meals are served monthly, and communities are served. Would you be able to believe that all of this is possible through the help of students like you?

African Vision of Hope is a nonprofit organization that serves to help children in Zambia, a third world West African country. According to their website they’ve helped over 720 orphans and a total of 598 communities. Monthly, they serve about 66,900 meals.

If you were ever a part of a shoe drive, odds are that was African Vision of Hope. Working with schools is something that this organization is known for, but EHS is stepping up their involvement with help from students such as junior Leah Johnson.

Johnson is a volunteer worker at African Vision of Hope’s office in Maryville. “I help out with anything that is a little tedious to do, like maybe cutting something, helping out with certain projects, just whatever they have for me to do.” Johnson said.

Johnson said that she initially found out about the program through various events at her church as well as the school, but her trip to Africa was what really inspired her to step up and make a difference.

Johnson explained that her youth group at Eden Church held a mission trip to Uganda to help out at a school and helping those who wanted to become pastors.

“We even met some refugees from South Sudan who wanted to be pastors,” Johnson said. “[It] was really cool.”

Johnson also participates in a sponsorship program, and says she donates about $30 a month to sponsor a child in need.

“$20 helps feed 16 students for a whole month,” Johnson said, “it’s an easy way to help. You could donate $5; any amount can help.”