Dungeons and Dragons Lovers Unite, Create Club

Emily Kloostra, Staff Writer

Groups of students descend upon the Heroic Adventures comic book shop each week with one goal: to create an epic fantasy quest. No, this isn’t a creative writing class; this is Dungeons and Dragons, one of the newest clubs at EHS.

Meeting for a few hours every Tuesday and Friday, the students come together to work on their story lines, junior and co-founder Jett Kassab said.

“I enjoy seeing people come to the club…” he said. “I only expected about 20 or so people, but we ended up having almost 50 members.”

He said he believes the schedule and fun it provides draw membership to the club.

Senior and co-founder Noah Martinez said he created the club with two groups in mind: “the people who never played D&D but want to, and the people who play D&D [and] want to play it consistently.”

A game of D&D, or “campaign”, can take multiple sessions, according to the Dungeons and Dragons website. The club meets at Heroic Adventures because of the time commitment, Martinez said.

“We couldn’t find a teacher willing to host the club…,” he said, “so we got permission from Dr. Cramsey to run it from there.”

While meeting, the group of students splits into smaller ones, each following their own story line or “campaign”. A dungeon master, or DM, guides the players in his or her group, according to Martinez.

“The dungeon master tells a story for the players… ” he said. “Each player will have one character in the story that they will have full control over.”

Each campaign is created through “describe, decide and roll”, according to the Vox video “Dungeons and Dragons, explained.” A DM describes what is happening in the story, and players decide how to react. Players then roll a die to see how successful their response is, and the process repeats.

Meetings began with creating characters for each player, according to senior Joseph Deuanephenh. Members filled out sheets complete with names, classes and abilities.

“You roll dice to determine how high [your abilities] are…” Martinez said.

The higher the roll, the better the ability is. Players also determine the race and class of each character.

“My race is elf and my class is rogue,” Deuanephenh said.

Although it has only done character design so far, Martinez eagerly awaits the club’s future.

“We’re truly starting this week…” he said. “[and] I’ve always had a lot of fun with D&D.”