Got Merch?: EHS Entrepreneur Expands Horizons

Lauren Johnson, Views Editor

By the time we finish school, most of us will have participated in numerous clubs, sports and other activities outside of school. But who, out of the entire soon-to-be-graduating class can honestly say that he/she has managed a successful brand on top of such activities? Senior Noah Goldsmith has created nothing less of an empire. 

Goldsmith, an avid SoundCloud rapper, football player and motivational speaker launched his brand “BlessUp” in 2017 after a lifelong desire to create his own brand. 

“The entrepreneur spirit has been in me since I was born. I sold pencils, hosted car washes and garage sales, and even organized my own touch football organization in fourth grade.” 

After dappling with designs for his future brand, he decided upon using his favorite mantra, “bless up,” as his logo; a phrase which he used in many of his motivational Snapchat videos. 

BlessUp is more than an athletic apparel brand. Goldsmith has extended Blessup Athletics into a fitness camp for all ages—though many of the participants are in middle school.

By breaking a sweat in relay-based drills, participants develop “speed and agility skills,” Goldsmith says. Such skills are “applicable to basketball, track and football,” to which many of the campers devote their training.

To run the said drills, Goldsmith enlists the help of his football teammates. As experienced athletes, they serve as mentors to the campers. Senior Justin Johnson is somewhat of his “right-hand man” when it comes to coaching.

“Most kids receive the message that anything is possible if you work hard at it; some of the things they do, they thought they could never do. But mainly they get a good workout out of it… and a free t-shirt,” Johnson jokes.

Despite his younger customers receiving free BlessUp gear, most of his paying customers are from an older audience.

Next year, Goldsmith says he plans to extend his brand into college, noting, “I think college is a great place to promote, sell, and network.” 

But whatever Goldsmith’s “game plan” may be for the future, overall, he wants the deeper message behind Blessup to be heard. 

“My vision for my brand is to be a well-rounded representation of what it means to be blessed and to spread positivity throughout the world.”