Interact Club Continues to Send Hope with Letters of Hope

Ryan Ash, Staff Writer

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EHS Interact will host its annual Letters of Hope event next Friday, April 5, during sixth hour in the commons.

For a fee, students can skip their last hour of the day to join Interact in sending letters to an African village.

“It’s $10 to participate and all money goes to African Vision of Hope to give their students breakfast,” EHS graduate Alie Howard said. “There is trivia for prizes, the ability to write the students a letter and food!”

Sophomore Adde Donelson, the co chair of the planning committee, helped organize the event this year.

“Letters of Hope takes work to plan but with the help of our amazing members it’s a fun thing to do,” Donelson said. “Some of the things we do to plan the event are make promotion flyers, posters, and videos! We also talk to businesses about donating prizes for our raffle and games.”

Donelson is excited both for the event itself and at the prospect of raising money for charity.

“During this event we write letter to kids in Zambia, play Kahoot, and talk about what the African Vision of Hope does. We then donate the money we raised to the African Vision of Hope! This year the donations will go towards a second meal for the children in Zambia,” Donelson said. “This is a great event to participate in for high school students to learn about philanthropy and helping people in our great community!”

Donelson and others who planned the event are also eager because many people signed up this year.

“Compared to last year we are already seeing an increase in numbers!” Donelson said. “We are always hoping for more! The more people we can get to come and enjoy the event the more children we can help!”

Junior Elizabeth Viox has gone to Letters of Hope in the past.

“I attended last year and I enjoyed the experience,” Viox said. “Besides getting to write a personal letter to a student in Africa, I got to hang out with my friends, skipping 6th hour, eat good food, almost win prizes, and learn about all the great things The African Vision of Hope is doing.”

Viox has decided to attend again this year based on her past experiences with the event.

“I had a positive experience least year and I know my money is going to good use. Also, I’m really excited for the new water bottle sticker this year,” Viox said. “Instead of t-shirts as in the past, a waterproof sticker intended for decorating water bottles is being given to all participants.”

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