Students’ Tips and Tricks to Conquer Scholarship Interviews

Cierra Veizer, Sports Editor

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College is expensive. But don’t fret just yet, EHS offers students a variety of scholarships in which they can apply. To earn most of these scholarships, selected students are required to face an interview. If you don’t have prior experience, this may be very daunting.

Senior Harishaan Suthan says that making a good first impression is crucial, and it’s the foundation for having a successful interview.

“It’s important to shake everyone’s hand, smile at them and thank them for the opportunity,” Suthan said.

Seniors Tyler Holt and Maren McSparin say that shaking hands is friendly and professional. They also suggest making note of the interview panel’s names to personalize your farewell.

Remembering their names and dressing well are just a few of the ways to leave a lasting impression, and letting your personality shine through is also important.

“I try to throw in a little joke or something humorous when I talk about an accomplishment I have because it adds a little extra that hopefully leaves a positive impression,” Holt said.

Suthan says that the most important aspect of an interview is to be yourself, and you need to find the right balance between a casual conversation and a formal boast. Holt agrees.

“The interviewers want to get to know you because they think you’d be the best person to receive their scholarship, so it’s important to show them who you really are,” Holt said. “You don’t need to be extra, but also don’t be afraid to show your real personality.”

Even though the thought of scholarship interviews may be intimidating, it is important to remain calm and focused throughout the whole experience.

“Try to walk in prepared, have questions prepared and know how to answer ‘what do you want us to know’ because it’s an easy question but difficult to answer,” McSparin said. “Dress so that you’re comfortable and confident. Go in with a conversational attitude and the interview will flow perfectly.”

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Students’ Tips and Tricks to Conquer Scholarship Interviews