Stick to Being Yourself: Beauty Week Arrives Once Again

Jacqueline Glenn, Staff Writer

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2,500 neon sticky notes plastering the windows of the commons greeted EHS students this week.

Every note contains a positive message about a student or faculty member. All week, StuCo members will staff the concessions stand, where students and staff can write a sticky note.

According to StuCo member junior Meredith Stump, the notes reflect the premise of Beauty Week.

“Anyone can go up to the wall and take a picture of the sticky note written about them,” Stump said. “Everyone will feel good about themselves, which is what Beauty Week is all about.”

The notes are junior Grace Gassiraro’s favorite part of the week.

“It’s cool to see how people admire others and care about them in real life,” Gassiraro said.

This year, StuCo is hosting a variety of events in addition to the positive sticky notes.

One inspirational video per day will play during first hour. StuCo will also hand out fortune cookies, candy and clothespins adorned with positive messages; more positive messages are posted on bathroom mirrors. On Feb. 1, StuCo will host a pingpong tournament in the gym that benefits the National Association for Mental Illnesses. Feb. 1 is also Come as You Are Day.

“The purpose of Come as You Are Day is to show people that they don’t need to worry about what they wear or the makeup they put on everyday. Their beauty shines through regardless,” StuCo member junior Evan Driscoll said. “It’s a lot easier to have this realization when all your peers are also participating.”

StuCo introduced beauty week four years ago, and its purpose remains constant: making EHS feel beautiful.

“There’s a lot of people in high school who, whether they mean to or not, bring you down and make you feel not as confident in your own skin,” Stump said. “The point of Beauty Week is to restore that self-love and acceptance.”

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