StuCo Initiates ‘Earn Your Stripes’

Loewy Noud, Staff Writer

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What’s a tiger without its stripes? Hopefully more excited to support our athletes.

Student Council has decided to implement a new program to motivate higher attendance at sporting events. The “Earn Your Stripes” program rewards students for attending under-represented activities regularly.

The first opportunity to earn stripes is the boys hockey game at East Alton on Thursday, Jan. 10.

Stuco president Patrick Driscoll got the idea after realizing how many sporting events and other activities didn’t receive the same support others did. This isn’t the first time StuCo has done a reward program for attendance but this system will be different.

“It’s similar to our Tiger Tour, but it will last the entire second semester with a cash prize to whoever gets the most ‘Stripes,”’ Driscoll said. “Students will have an opportunity to earn one stripe every week by attending a featured game or event, posted on the Twitter and Instagram.”

At each event a StuCo member will have a unique sticker to distribute to fans. At the end of the year whoever has the most stickers will be rewarded with a cash prize.

The incentive will hopefully give the push to students to attend events like bowling, girls basketball, dance and other activities that are not regularly high in attendance.

Senior StuCo Vice President of Orange Rush Skylar Bloch thinks “Earn Your Stripes” will be a good change from Tiger Tour and hopefully more successful.

“There will be prizes, and we’re not sure how much yet, but it’ll be cash which is different from any event we’ve done before,” Bloch said. “Our Tiger Tour revolves around one week but having a longer opportunity will be new.”

And hopefully the longer program will give students more time to attend events and “earn stripes.”

Senior StuCo Vice President of advertising Grace Hauch is looking forward to seeing the increase support from her peers.

“This is going to be an exciting change,” Hauch said. “We can’t wait to be there for our athletes and hopefully reward some dedicated fans too.”

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