Seniors’ Final Semester Allows Preparation for Future

Jaydi Swanson, Views Editor

As Christmas lights come unplugged and trees are folded up until next December, a wonderful yet ominous reality sets in for seniors: there is only one semester of high school left.

With their diplomas in hand, seniors will toss their caps in the air this coming May and walk out of EHS one last time, prepared to embark on a new journey. For some, the details of that journey are still uncertain. Others have already laid out a plan.

But one question remains true for all soon-to-be graduates: what do they make of these last five months?

Senior Joey Lu, who was admitted to Vanderbilt University after applying for early decision, feels like pressure has been alleviated going into this semester.

“It’s so relieving knowing that I don’t have to worry about applying anywhere anymore,” Lu said. “Although I still have to ‘try’ in school and do scholarships, it feels like a heavy burden has been lifted off my chest.”

Now, Lu is able to focus on his academics and his goal of being valedictorian, which he is currently tied for with seniors Kolten Ackerman and Christopher Byron.

“I’m definitely going to finish strong,” Lu said. “Chris and Kolten don’t have anything on me.”

Senior Amari Brooks has committed to Brown University and feels similar to Lu, and he is happy to have more time to focus on his grades.

But many students, unlike Lu and Brooks, are entering this semester still drowning in college stress. Senior Kiara Delgado is hoping to run track or play soccer next year but does not know where she will be attending.

“It’s kind of overwhelming and I wish that I just knew where I was going,” Delgado said. “But at this point I have had a lot of conversations with my parents and coaches, so I know I have their support with any school I choose, which comforts me.”

Whether they know where they’re going or not, most seniors can feel the nostalgia seeping in already. They may feel ready to leave, but they’re not so ready to say goodbye.

“I think about how I’m going to be leaving for a college that is 17 hours away and I get sad,” Brooks said. “Every time I walk past a class that I used to take or a teacher I used to have, I just think about all of the good times I had.”

Those goodbyes are still far away despite how quickly they creep up. Until then, seniors have much to be excited about.

“I’m looking forward to my last prom since it will be my last school dance with the friends I’ve grown up with,” Delgado said.

Others can’t stop anticipating graduation.

“Something about seeing everyone I’ve grown up with in one room and speaking to them and their parents is sort of nostalgic for me,” Lu said.

No matter what seniors do with their last five months as a Tiger, Delgado hopes they enjoy it.

“Soak up every moment,” she said. “Make the most of every day before you’re gone.”