Madrigal Dinner Set to Excite


Joshua Perry, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Chamber Choir’s annual Madrigal Dinner is a treasured celebration of food, festivity, and—most importantly—funny renaissance-themed music.

Senior Andreas Ellinas performed sophomore year in the Madrigal Dinner as the Prince, and ever since he’s wanted to be a part of the event once again. Ellinas, who created the script and directed the event this year, said that the dinner was a huge success.

“I think because we were so excited for something magical—that’s why…it turned out so amazing,” he said.

The process of fine-tuning the performance took a huge amount of time and effort, and Ellinas said he had already started writing the script in the summer. He finally finished it in September.

Once the time came to practice and rehearse, there was still much more work to do, according to Abby Nahlik, who performed this year. She said that the finer points of the production were difficult to perfect.

“Well, we have sixteen songs that we have to have completely memorized even down to the breath,” she said. “That takes a very long time…plus we all had to prepare period appropriate outfits.”

Even though it was a challenge, Ellinas said that every line learned was worth it.

“Everyone put their all into this show and it’s obvious,” he said. “I wrote this thing and I actually can’t stop laughing during rehearsal. The performance is quick, witty, and loud; there is never a dull moment.”

Sophomore Joe Webb, a performer in the show, also said that the finished product was impressive.

“Even though it was stressful for everyone, we still came through and put it all together,” he said. “I would definitely do it again.”

Webb said that his experience as a member of Chamber Choir has formed new relationships and strengthened others.

“Some of them I’ve known for years and some I just met in high school,” he said. “I think that Chamber is a group that spends so much time together working on music that we have to be close, (and) I consider everyone in the group my friend.”

Ellinas, unfortunately, won’t be with the friends he’s made next year once he leaves EHS for good. But he said that he’ll always remember this farewell feast.

“I’m gonna miss the people who took my vision for the show and made it better than I ever could have imagined,” he said.