Four Drum Majors Lead Marching Band Through This Season

Jacqueline Glenn, Staff Writer

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EHS marching band’s four drum majors have led their ensemble to many victories this season with their show, “Out of the Bachs.”

Just one of the band’s victories this season is the McKendree University Preview of Champions competition, in which the band took Outstanding Music Performance, Outstanding Visual Performance, Outstanding General Effect, Outstanding Color Guard, Outstanding Percussion, First Place Band and Grand Champion. Those are all of the awards available to win.

“I felt incredibly happy and proud, but not at all surprised. (The band) all performed really well, so I expected quite a few things,” drum major junior Aubrey Morgan said.

Senior Lexie Allen, another drum major, attributed the band’s accomplishments to the abundance of visuals in Out of the Bach’s.

“The band has made a ton of improvements in all of the visuals that have been put in for sure. They have the hardest choreography I’ve ever seen while I’ve been in this program and I’m super proud of them for owning it,” Allen said.

The band has considerably expanded this year, according to drum major senior Isabella Brown. With more members, the band is able to pursue more complicated maneuvers.

“As the band grows, you can do more and more…with bigger groups of people, but you also need more positions to look at,” Brown said.

In previous years, the band has had three drum majors, which drum major junior Colleen McCracken said was difficult since the leaders had to be in multiple places at once.

“I think it would be more challenging if we had fewer because we move so much on the field, we turn around and we’re on the extreme ends of the football field,” McCracken said. “The most beneficial part is always having someone to look to for time.”

Since band faces the back of the field frequently during the show, a drum major is stationed there, a development different from previous years.

“We’re able to share the responsibilities equally and help out a lot more around the band whenever we can,” Morgan said.

Not only are the drum majors helpful for visibility and collaboration, according to director Marvin Battle, but they also serve another purpose: intimidating other bands.

“We have four fierce ladies who are coming up there and are definitely on the top of their game. It helps to strike fear into the minds of the other programs.”

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Four Drum Majors Lead Marching Band Through This Season