Annual Homecoming Decorating Contest Shows Students’ Artistic Abilities

Ryan Stewart, Staff Writer

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Homecoming is fast-approaching and it’s always accompanied with activities or spirit days, such as a bonfire and movie night or a meme day and a camo day. But a steadfast accompaniment is the window decoration contest.

Stuco has been hosting this contest for 6 years, as it is a great way to showcase some of the many talented people here at EHS.

“We have a plethora of great artists at EHS who can make the windows great each year,” Junior Evan Driscoll said. “They are always so passionate in making our school a more colorful place.”

The contest is between the fifteen different EHS clubs that chose to participate this year, and is themed every year just as Homecoming is. Seeing as this year the theme for Homecoming is “Dancing With the Stars,” the window decorating contest has the same theme.

“A lot of groups are doing planets and stars to stick with the space theme, but are still putting their own twist on it to represent their own club,” Junior Ellie Viox said.

Decorating the windows in the commons is more than just a fun activity. It’s a chance not only for students to showcase their talents, but to also participate in making their school a better, more enjoyable place to be.

“I think any club would like to participate because not only can they make something fun as a group … but they can also get free publicity in the commons and they can compete for monetary prizes to help fund their club,” Viox said.

The windows this year embrace the theme of outer space and look out of this world. Tigers in space may sound ridiculous, but this year it’s just the gravity of the situation.

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Annual Homecoming Decorating Contest Shows Students’ Artistic Abilities