Interact Club Droppin’ Events to Better the Community

Kate Lickert, Staff Writer

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Finish the lyric: “Just a small-town girl living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere, Just a city boy born and raised in…”

It was south something, right? South Chicago, maybe? South Dakota?

The answer; South Detroit.

If you knew the answer, you may want to make a table for Interact’s third annual Droppin’ Beats trivia night held on Sept. 28. Droppin’ Beats is musical trivia where the students have to try to finish and finish the lyrics of different musical genres.

“It is such a fun event,” Interact’s sponsor, Nicole Pontious said. “We wanted to make it different than any other trivia night and it has been such a success.”

Mrs. Pontious believes it was such hit with students due to last year’s emcee: junior Daniel Pauk.

“He stepped up to be our emcee last minute and he showed up in a bright orange suit, ‘Dumb and Dumber’ style,” Mrs. Pontious said. He really knew how to engage the audience, she added.

Pauk is returning to emcee this year and has few ideas planned.

“It’s a surprise” Pauk said. “But just know I’m going to look sick doing the worm in it.”

Interact has been able to raise $1,000 each year from the event, and Mrs. Pontious is confident they’ll surpass that amount this year.

All proceeds from the event will go to Paint the Town Gold, an organization that deals with pediatric cancer research.

“Paint the Town Gold is an amazing organization that is really making a difference,” Interact treasurer Ellie Viox said.

Interact president, Talia Holmes, is excited for Droppin’ Beats but even more thrilled for its first annual sock drive.

The sock drive is partnership with Interact and Key Club to collect socks for Churches on the Streets, a volunteer organization based in Saint Louis which helps the homeless in the area.

“We had been looking for a fundraiser like this for a while,” Ms. Pontious said. “And this just fit.”

Churches on the Streets has been trying to find more organizations to help donate socks. Socks are something that people don’t often donate but are very much needed.

“Socks are actually the most requested item at a homeless shelter,” Holmes said.

When Churches on the Streets reached out, Holmes knew that she and the rest of Interact would want to help

”Being able to help them in a way that is extremely needed is so meaningful,” Holmes said. “I know that Interact is helping people better their lives.”

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Interact Club Droppin’ Events to Better the Community