Victory Star Twirling Team Places at State Fair

Ryan Stewart, Staff Writer

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The Victory Star Twirling team recently went to compete at the baton twirling competition at the state fair in Springfield.

The team “received nine first places, five second places, five third places, three fourths and two fifth,” The Intelligencer said.

The twirl team is no stranger to competition and they enjoy the state fair because of its significance.

“It’s our last competition of the season so everything we worked on leads up to that moment,” junior MacKenzie Kimble, who’s been twirling for 6 years, said.

However, the location was not necessarily ideal as they were competing in a barn as opposed to a gym.

“It’s a cool experience but where we have to compete isn’t the best place for a baton competition. There’s just not much room,” junior Julia French, who’s been twirling for 7 years, said.

After the competition, the team stayed and explored the fair, as they often do at events; one of French’s favorite parts of twirl.

The team is close-knit and values the activity they share.

Kimble shared an example of this sentiment. “My favorite thing about my team is the people. I’ve made good friends from baton.”

This is an added bonus that the team enjoys.

“I love my team and twirling is just so much fun. I love competing,” junior Aubrey Morgan, who’s been twirling for 7 years, said.

The twirl team embraces an exciting activity, and teaches its members to be hard working to achieve their best and it certainly does just that.

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Victory Star Twirling Team Places at State Fair