EHS Photography Club Focuses on a New Year

Jaydi Swanson, Views Editor

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If there’s a picture-perfect moment, EHS photography club will be sure to capture it.

The club was started two years ago, headed by former students Kayla Gluntz and Sydney Balding and sponsored by art teacher Kelly Spinka.

Every two weeks, the club votes on a theme. Members take photos focused on the theme and submit them to be judged. Past themes have been happiness, light and red, according to senior Andreas Ellinas, who has been a member since the club was formed.

Though everyone has the same theme, their creativity produces countless perspectives. For Ellinas, this has been useful in expanding his own creativity.

“I’ve learned to think outside the box and create new content rather than stick to the same style,” Ellinas said.

Growth is one thing Mrs. Spinka expects in more ways than one. Since its creation, the club has doubled in size with over 20 members this year.  Mrs. Spinka hopes to see even more new members of all abilities as the year continues, despite the intimidation the club may give off.

“You don’t have to have any special equipment,” Mrs. Spinka said. “If you want to have a great camera, great, but you can use your phone.”

As new photographers roll in, Mrs. Spinka watches them grow together. After seeing much improvement by the end of last year, she is excited to see the new members’ progress again.

To help with this progression, students teach lessons during the meetings. This gives them a chance to learn from their peers and expand their knowledge by teaching the skills they’ve acquired.

From aperture to photo composition, members learn skills that improve their overall capabilities as a photographer, which is what senior Mackenzie Geary has experienced since joining the club last year.

“I know more about photography now than I did when I started,” Geary said. “From which angle to take the picture to what I should make the main focus.”

Not only does the club help members improve their technical skills but it also can build their confidence. Ellinas said the judgment of his photos has taught him how to adjust.

“Sometimes you try something new, and if it’s a miss, then you learn how to fix it and really reach your audience,” Ellinas said.

Whether it be new subject matter or new techniques, trying something new is what Mrs. Spinka encourages the club to do.

“In the beginning, they all wanted to do pictures of dogs. That’s not all that creative, and they wanted to center their dog, and they didn’t touch the saturation or the cropping,” Mrs. Spinka said. “They didn’t think about that. As we go on, and they see the people that are winning and understand that…their minds are thinking more.”

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EHS Photography Club Focuses on a New Year