Totally Talented: Another Packed EHS Talent Show

Jessica Fosse, Staff Writer

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It might have been the students in the show or it might have been the incentive of Chick-Fil-A for the sixth hour class with most attendance. Either way, many students attended the annual EHS talent show.


The talent show is another one of EHS’s student council annual events. This year’s combination of talents ranged from singers to juggling enthusiasts.


With juniors Skylar Bloch and Ethan Miracle as the MCs of the night, many jokes were cracked. Ethan encouraged the audience to follow his Twitter account.


“Only one person followed my Twitter during intermission,” Miracle said during the show. “So I’m kind of disappointed in you guys.”


Though the MCs made the crowd giggle from time to time, it was the talents that hooked everyone’s attention.


Among those talents was sophomore Ashley Pizzini doing “comedic improv dancing.”


“It was amazing! The entire drama club was sitting in the front row, and I could hear them screaming,” Pizzini said. “I knew I had my friends’ support so I wasn’t worried about being embarrassed.”


Her act concluded with an unplanned face-reveal when her pumpkin mask fell off.


But an unexpected act came out of a group of senior boys that titled themselves “Demi’s Lovatos.”


“It was about 20 minutes before the audition, and we needed a name to put on the list,” senior Christian Meinzen said. “It was a weird tribute type thing.”


The “Demi’s Lovato’s” choreographed a dance to “Sorry, Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato. This dance involved much practice, especially Meinzen’s death drop.


“There was no tutorials or anything online. I just had to slow down someone actually doing one and see how their body moved so I could imitate it.” Meinzen said. “When the time felt right, I just tried it; there was no training-wheel phase.”

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Totally Talented: Another Packed EHS Talent Show