EHS Students Bring Back Boy Bands

Jessica Fosse, Staff Writer

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Down the halls of the B-wing are the performing arts of orchestra, choir, band and theater, where different forms of music can be heard. But some students took it a step further.

That’s right; the boy band trend is back.

Senior Neal Bozark and juniors Talin Murphey, Jop Gielingh and Emilio Carrion created their band “Agitations” in late of 2017 and have put in work to make their music since then.

Every great boy band has a great start like One Direction on the X Factor or the Jonas Brothers being actual brothers.

“It was one of those things where you talk about it with a friend and you love the idea so you start to ask around,” Gielingh said. “Turns out that Talin knew Neal and through a bit of stumbling we got Emilio on the drumset.”

The group instantly hit it off as a band. Murphey plays the rhythm guitar and synthesizer, Gielingh is on lead guitar, Bozark is the lead vocals as well as the bassist and Carrion is on the drumset.

“Overall everybody respects each other’s musicianship,” Bozark said. “It feels like we have a lot of control over what we want to make, and that in and of itself is really cool.”

The group has so far released original and covered music via Instagram and YouTube but has a lot of works in the making.

“We’re currently focusing on our first album called ‘God Doesn’t Watch On Weekends,’ as well as making an EP called ‘Throwaway’ which is our experimental side,” Bozark said. “And last but not least, Gielingh and I have started on project called ‘Plastic Factory,’ which would most likely be out band’s sophomore album. It’s still very early, but it’s a concept album that aims to tell a story throughout songs.”

“Agitations” had their first gig playing holiday songs during the EHS holiday show. They since have planned out more opportunities to play their music publicly.

“We’re going to be playing a gig in May,” Bozark said. “ But in terms of popularity, we’ve applied for a program at Lindenwood University in which their audio engineers would help us record our EP.”

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EHS Students Bring Back Boy Bands