Annual Craft Fair Funds Band Program

Ava Fehrmann, Staff Writer

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The craft fair brings creativity, color and kettle corn to the halls of EHS for one weekend in November. The craft fair also brings the majority of the year’s funds to band students, giving them opportunities for new equipment.


Each year, the band and color guard create and perform a new marching show which requires new props, uniforms and sometimes instruments for the students participating.  The band relies primarily on the craft fair for the funds to do this.


“All of the money we make from the craft fair gets put right back into the program and pays for things like marching band uniforms and equipment,” said senior saxophone player David Stricker.


The band does other fundraisers throughout the year, such as the Tiger Ambush Classic marching band competition and a Mid-Continental Color Guard Association winter guard and drumline competition. While these fundraisers help the band, they don’t raise as much as the craft fair.


“It generates the most revenue as we look towards the next school year,” band director Mr. Battle said. “It helps us to figure out and start planning now how much revenue we’ll have to spend into the programs for the following school year.”


The craft fair is not only a good way for the students participating in band to raise money, it’s also a good way for local artists and craftsmen to share and sell their work with other members of the community. The booths at the craft fair offer items like lotion, wood carving, calligraphy and clothes.


“It’s a great community event and it also provides a service that, not only do we benefit (from), but the local eating establishments and places like that can also benefit from the craft fair and the crowds we bring in,” Mr. Battle said.

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Annual Craft Fair Funds Band Program