Predicting Halloween Costume Trends

Devin Johnson, Staff Writer

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From the Elsa craze to the stampede of Harley Quinns, Halloween costume trends have come and gone each year.

“I remember the Elsa craze,” said sophomore Marie Thompson. “My little sister and twelve other girls in her class must have been dressed up as Elsa that year.”

When Thompson referred to the “Elsa craze,” she was alluding to the Halloween trends in 2014, when the most popular costume by far was of Elsa from the popular movie “Frozen.”

“It was like the apocalypse of Elsas,” Thompson said.

Of course, the “Elsa craze” isn’t the only to costume trend throughout the in past years.

Halloween 2016 displayed a similar trend with Harley Quinn and Joker costumes. This can be explained easily with the popular movie that was released that previous summer, “Suicide Squad.”

“I loved being Harley Quinn,” said senior Daria Tolle. “She’s such a fun character and the costume is really colorful and exciting.”

Costume trends, it seems, can always be traced back to pop culture happenings of the year. Which begs the question; what will this years’s trendy costumes be?

With summer blockbusters like “Wonder Woman” and “It,” it’s only reasonable to assume that we’ll be seeing a lot of shields and clown faces roaming around.

However, it is also just as likely that with popular television shows such as “Stranger Things” and “Riverdale,” which are released so close to Halloween, many costumes will be influenced just as strongly.

“I can’t wait to see what people dress as this year,” said Tolle. “I’m going to be Eleven from Stranger Things.”

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Predicting Halloween Costume Trends