It’s the Final Countdown

Allison Stopka, Staff Writer

Each and every senior graduating from high school has their “moment,” when they realize that they are about to move on to college.  Reality strikes and the aftermath of having this epiphany is usually not a pretty sight.

We all say we’re so excited to leave EHS and to finally be done with living here.  A lot of seniors are leaving Edwardsville behind to go to college somewhere else, and although it is a highly anticipated time, some can get afraid when the actuality of leaving somewhere we’ve lived for many years sets in.

Some students do not get nervous about going far away for college.  It can be hard to choose a school in the Midwest, and there are plenty of other schools that appeal to EHS students that are located other places throughout the country.

Senior Mason Taylor has decided to go to Mississippi State.  “I’m very excited to go, I don’t think that I will ever regret my choice to go so far away,” Taylor said. “My best friend is going to Mississippi with me, and he was really one of the main reasons I even looked at going there.  I loved everything else about the school, and a Southern school gives me a different feel than any Midwestern college ever gave me when I visited.”

Other students think that the location of their future school is key to choosing where they will go to college next year.

“I chose [Missouri State] based on location and expense, I was looking at a lot of other good schools, but they were all too far away from Edwardsville and really pricey,” senior Camden Maggos said.  “Even though I’m pretty independent already, it would be nice to be near my parents if I ever need anything.”

Students are staying in Edwardsville next year, but it can still make them nervous when they realize they will be graduating in less than two months.

“I’m staying in Edwardsville for college next year, but it is still scary when I think about how I won’t be living with my mom, or about how I will not be in high school anymore with everybody I’ve known for so long,” senior Carmen VanDyke said.

Some of the graduating students at EHS don’t always realize how soon they will be moving on to their next stage in life.  For others, the reality has set in, and they are both excited and scared for this new part of their schooling.

“I really can’t wait to move in.  I went up to visit some friends at Missouri State a few weekends ago, and I honestly had the best time,” Maggos said.  “Even though I had a good time in high school at EHS and I’ll miss all of my friends here, I think college will give me all sorts of new experience and memories.”