Rams: To be sad or not to be?

Allison Stopka, Staff Writer

The NFL Team formerly known as the St. Louis Rams has been a famed part of the Midwest since 1995. In Jan 2016, however, it was officially announced that the St. Louis Rams were moving to Los Angeles.

Because EHS is so close to St. Louis, the Rams have been the main source of football for most students, and some of those that do follow the NFL are fans of the Rams.

Senior James Watters has been a Rams fan for most of his life, and took the news that they are leaving to heart.

“I’ve been a Rams fan for quite a long time,” Watters said. “It was pretty upsetting when I heard they were moving.”

Because of this move, have students decided to remain true to their team, or will they choose a different and closer team now that the Rams will be located in Los Angeles?

“I am staying a Rams fan,” Watters said. “I will watch the games as often as I can and wear my Rams gear.”

Other students such as senior Jane Russo are indifferent to the move.

“I mean I’ll support the Rams when they play, but they don’t really mean much to me,” Russo said.

Although the Rams had been located in St. Louis for over 20 years, students at EHS are often fans of other teams.

“I support the Saints actually,” senior Amanda Kerlin said. “I know about the Rams because they’re in St. Louis, but I’m not a die-hard fan.”

Senior Trevor Martin is a Bears fan.

“Us Bears fans have to stick together sometimes,” Martin said. “I love them even though I live near St. Louis.”

While some students at EHS are not fans of the Rams, others sleep, breathe and eat for the St. Louis Rams.

EHS alumni and Rams super fans, Zain Pyarali, Peter Byers, Aaron Jackson, Bailey Zimmer, Carter Marteeny, Drew Bradley, Fahd Shakeel, Mitchell Krebs and Matthew Zielonko call themselves the “Ramily” and are keeping their team close to their heart.

According to the “Ramily,” they will continue to be Rams fans even after the move. The close knit group of friends will get together as much as possible to continue their super fan status.

The Rams are moving back to the city of angels because Stan Kroenke, owner of the Rams knows that the relocation would make him more money than staying in the Midwest would.

Los Angeles was hungry for a NFL team, ever since the Rams left in 1995, LA has been left without a team. The games would be sold out, and the stadium filled every time.

“While I wish they weren’t leaving, it will be good for the Rams,” Watters said. “They will do great in Los Angeles and I will continue to support my team.”