Fashion for the Changing Weather

Allison Stopka, Staff Writer

It is officially the time of year where you could get frostbite in the morning with a tank top, but by noon, long sleeves could cause sweat. Fall. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s here. Dressing for this season can sometimes be a challenge, but dressing fashionably with the trending looks can be even more difficult.

So far, the trends of this year have been… interesting. From Birkenstocks to Kimono style trench coats, spring and summer 2015 are comparable to the early 90s in terms of fashion. This fall could be a different story however.

Trending right now is a piece that is reminiscent of the traditional cable knit sweater, but with a more modern and high fashion mix. Turtleneck and sleeveless sweaters are on trend at the moment, and while they don’t provide much protection against the weather, they are awfully cute.

Another cute but not functional trend is the high heeled boots and booties. Instead of settling for the traditional low heeled style, which is realistic for most people, designers are moving on to the high heels this year.

A more reasonable trend for this season is the blanket scarf. They can be worn and styled many different ways, and can keep you warm through the weather transition to colder months.

While the traditional fall look and style is still trending, new and modern pieces are also popular, both on the runway and the hallways.