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Mens College Basketball Coference Predictions

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Duke point guard, Tyrese Proctor, looks to shoot in a Dec. 30 game.

Earlier this year, our sports editor, Zach Kennett, wrote a preseason college basketball preview. Now, with non-conference play finished, I will attempt to compare what that stretch has taught us and who I now think is going to win each of the power six conferences. 



Atlantic Coastal Conference- 


Earlier Pick: Duke  

New Pick: Duke   


The North Carolina fans will be upset about this one, but Duke is now starting to play their best basketball of the season. Though the Blue Devils started the season slow, they have recently gone on a seven-game winning streak that includes a win over Baylor and three straight dominating ACC conference wins. North Carolina, on the other hand, has done nothing but win, and while they do currently have a 3-0 conference record in the ACC, I give the upper hand to Duke because of the way they have played recently.  


Big 12-  


Earlier Pick: Houston  

New Pick: Kansas 


Ah, our first disagreement: while Houston currently sports a 14-1 record, they have not been adequately challenged so far this year. They recently lost their first game of the season and they have not looked dominating in their wins so far.  Kansas, on the other hand, has a major road win over Indiana, and four ranked wins so far this year. The Feb. 3 matchup between these two teams is sure to be a great game and will be the true test for who is better but for now I would give the edge to Kansas because they are slightly more battle-tested than Houston at this point in the season. 


Big 10- 


Earlier Pick: Purdue 

New Pick: Purdue 


As a diehard Indiana fan this pains me to say but Purdue is the best team in the country. Their only losses currently were a four-point loss at the hands of Northwestern in their first conference matchup and just recently another big-ten road loss, this time to Nebraska. Purdue has five ranked wins so far this season and just beat the other top ten team in the big ten in Illinois.  



Big East- 


Earlier Pick: UConn  

New Pick: St. Johns 


Hot take alert! Yes, you read that correctly. I believe that St. Johns will get it done this year and win the Big East title. The big east is a confusing race to predict because one team can’t seem to separate from the rest. However, with Rick Pitino at the helm, I believe this St. Johns team that is starting to play much better these past few weeks and will finish strong and win the conference for the first time since 2000. 




Earlier Pick: Arizona 

New Pick: Arizona 


This conference has mostly been a letdown as several projected top teams have failed to live up to expectations so far this year. However, one elite team has stayed elite throughout the year and that team is Arizona. This experienced roster with coach Tommy Lloyd behind the bench seems poised to easily win the Pac-12 with USC and UCLA struggling this year.  


Southeastern Conference-  


Earlier Pick: Kentucky 

New Pick: Auburn 


This one might be more of a mild take but still probably surprising. Kentucky and Tennessee are the two consensus top teams in the SEC, but I like Auburns chances to make a surprise run and win the conference. This team is extremely deep and behind two high scoring forwards and one of the most underrated freshman guards in the country, this team has all the makings of a conference winning team.  

About the Contributor
Zach Cohn, Staff Writer
Zach is a junior and second year journalism student. He has been a member of the Edwardsville Hockey team for 4 years and is also a member of the EHS broadcasting club where he broadcasts EHS football, basketball and baseball games.