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Dance Team Captain ‘Spices’ Up Season

Reyez Hangsleben
EHS Dance team performs at the Homecoming Game.

Practicing an hour to make sure each move is synchronized and perfect. Making sure every movement is the same as your team is a dedication to the craft of dancing, more specifically a dedication to the EHS dance team.

Leading the EHS dance team is dance captain senior Kylie Johnson, a dedicated dancer.

“Dance just really stuck with me,” Johnson said. “It’s a way you can express yourself without talking. You can really be yourself and be creative through dance.”

Johnson has been dancing since she was 4-years old, as most of the girls on the team have. By remaining dedicated to the team, she became dance captain her senior year.

“They pick someone that really has a passion for it and is willing to put in the work so the team can succeed and thrive,” Johnson said.

A dance captain has to remain attentive to the rest of their teammates as well as the ability to upkeep a encouraging environment, something Johnson takes pride in. Being the leader of a team, Johnson is a mentor for the underclassmen who are new to EHS Dance. 

“She is very dedicated and always has the team’s best interest in mind,” said senior teammate Leah DeConcini. “I love her.”

Johnson is a seasoned dancer. Having grown up in a non-competitive dance academy, Johnson had to get used to the new, demanding schedule of competitive dance. In fact, last year was Johnson’s first competition. 

But with practice in performing with the team she was able to overcome that obstacle and qualify for the IHSA Class 3A state competition.

“Don’t ever give up,” Johnson said. “There will definitely be times in every dancer’s career where you just want to give up and feel defeated, but in the end everything will happen for a reason.”

In being dance captain, Johnson is able to choreograph one of the team’s dances. Through choreography, Johnson is able to express her creative freedom.

“I try to spice [the dances] up and use moves that are not usually used in dance,” Johnson said. “I keep it unique.”

Johnson hopes to pursue dance in college. She wants to continue dancing for football games, her favorite part of the dance team. In college, she plans to pursue her future goals to become an occupational therapist. 

But for now, Johnson plans to lead the dance team to a successful competition season. 

“They are a second family to me,” Johnson said. “I’m just excited to work with them every practice.”