New Girls Track Coach Brings Experience, Passion to the Job

Kody Moore, Staff writer

When coach Camilla Eberlin departed the track team at the end of last season, Athletic Director Alex Fox found himself without a coach for 2023. 

Coach Tayvonne Landry filled the coaching spot. Coach Landry, who spent several years coaching track and running track at SIU, offers a wealth of knowledge to the program. He has a track record of producing successful teams and gifted athletes.

His experience, passion and knowledge has already left a lasting impression on the EHS team.

“It a program that I want to start generating more success from,” Landry said. “I want to do everything I can do early to put us in those situations.”

This year is strictly about growth for Landry and the team. Landry is looking for how his team reacts to barriers the team way throughout the season.

“I want to see how we accept the challenge this year,” Landry said.

Landry plans to focus on the importance of developing relationships and teamwork among players. He is aware that for the team to be successful, each athlete needs to have a sense of support and unity from their peers.

The team has already noticed Landry’s effects on the program. Many runners see themselves growing throughout the first couple of weeks of practice. 

The runners, also, want to see an improvement compared to last season.

“This year is not all about the school doing good,” sophomore Brooklyn Carr said, “It is about seeing an improvement for us sprinters by placing and winning points.” 

The girls high school track and field program now has new life and excitement thanks to coach Landry’s hiring. Landry is prepared to take the squad to new heights with his knowledge, creative training methods, and dedication to creating a welcoming culture.