Tigers Field Hockey 2022 Season Comes to an End


The Tigers on the field playing Lutheran South, Aug. 31. Courtesy of Samantha Hangsleben.

Annisyn Krebs-Carr, Staff writer

The Tigers field hockey season has come to a conclusion after losing against Marquette on Wednesday.

The Edwardsville Tigers field hockey team had their second postseason game on Wednesday, which they lost 3-1. Despite the disappointing conclusion, the team had an exceptional season, finishing 9-7-2.

“Our season was incredible,” said senior Nhirya Adu-Affum. “As a team we have incredible chemistry and connect with each other well which translated directly to the field and resulted in us having a winning season.”

The Tigers started out the season by winning 7-0 against Lutheran South. Following this game, the Tigers won the Gateway Classic for the first time in six years. Senior Jadyn Noll said that winning this tournament really set the tone for the rest of the season. 

“We struggled a bit last year, but we had time to work out our struggles and show that we were better [this season],” said Noll. “I knew going into the season that this team would turn it around and we would be just fine.”

According to Noll the Tigers have dedicated a lot of time and energy on and off the field, honing in on their strengths to make this the most successful season they’ve had in years. “We had a really strong defensive line that did an amazing job of keeping the ball away from our goalies,” Noll said. “Our offensive players had really strong hits and worked hard the entire game to keep the ball in the opposing teams circle.”

The first postseason game took place on Tuesday against Pattonville, which the Tigers won 4-0. After this win they advanced to play Marquette on Wednesday. Unfortunately, after a hard-fought game, the Tigers were not able to beat Marquette and their season came to an end. 

“After our warmups, we all felt pretty good and were pumped up,” said senior Avary Osborne. “Even after they scored their first two goals, our morale stayed up and I felt like we still had a chance… but in the last couple minutes we knew we would either lose or tie. Ultimately, we played to win but they outplayed us. It was a very sad moment for all of us, especially us seniors.”

Despite the postseason loss, the Tigers are not short on accomplishments this season, picking up more wins than losses. For many players it’s sad to see that the season has come to an end. For seniors, some who won’t go on to play field hockey in college, this was an especially emotional game.

“The game yesterday conjured many emotions for every player on the field,” said senior Tehani Johnson. “It’s a bit saddening to leave a sport that I have grown to love over the past seven years. I will certainly miss my coach and the team.”