Field Hockey Sticks the Landing at the Start of their 2022 Season


Samantha Hangslaben

The field hockey team huddles during their game against Lutheran South on Aug 31.

Pera Onal, Editor-in-Chief

The Girls Field Hockey team won the Gateway Classic last Saturday for the first time in six years.

Sophomore Mia Schomber said there was no other way for her to describe the feeling other than being “ecstatic.”

“It was just pure joy, excitement, and pride,” she said. “It was like saying ‘hey, we are back and ready to compete.’”

Sophomore Marie Kaman agreed and said that getting to take home the trophy felt “surreal.”

Both players also said that the determination levels among the team are high because of how well they are doing thus far in the season. Three days prior to the Gateway Classic, the team had won 7-0 to Lutheran South High School.

“From barely losing one game and dominating another on top of this win is saying we are here to play and will not be messed with,” Schomber said.

But although the games have been going well, she said there have been some slight struggles regarding the large number of seniors on the team. Having that many people, she said, could affect their combinations and their senior night.

She adds on, however, by saying that the worst part about having so many seniors is having to say good-bye after developing a “connection” with them. “[I think] we will all be sad to see them go,” she said.

For Kaman individually, the main struggle with having many seniors is trying “to claim a spot on varsity” as an underclassman. But even so, she thinks the “mix of ages” within the team have had a positive impact.

“We work very well together, and that has shown overall on the scoreboard,” Kaman said.

Regardless of the wins and struggles, Schomber said the team has “the determination, willpower, and want” to win this season.

“This season I want us to go the farthest we can go,” she said. “We are a strong team, and one of our goals is to win…and to not let anything that isn’t in our control affect our gameplay.”