Varsity Girls Tennis Destroys Team From Arkansas, Chloe Koons Remains Undefeated In Singles


Annabel Carr

9th grader Madeline Bash reaches to return the ball in match against East St. Louis on September 13

Joel Garwood, Staff Writer

The EHS girl’s Tennis team traveled to Cosmo/Bethel Park in Columbia, Missouri on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, securing an 11-1 win against Fayetteville, Arkansas; a 3-6 loss against Rockbridge HS and a 1-8 loss against MICDS.

“The head coach of Fayetteville got in contact with the head coach of Rockford somehow…, Fayetteville wanted some more competition and the invitational gave them the opportunity to play against three other teams,…so they attended the invitational,” said head coach Dave Lipe.

Junior Chloe Koons laughed when talking about Fayetteville’s performance in their matches.

“Fayetteville was easily the worst team at the invitational,” junior Chloe Koons said.

Eight varsity-level girls attended the invitational; they each played three singles and three doubles matches.

“Out of the eight girls that attended, Chloe Koons is easily the best,” senior Grace Kalb said.

“This tournament was a little different from others I’ve played. We got to play a team from Arkansas and I played with a new doubles partner,” Koons said.

According to Lipe, Koons has yet to lose a singles match this year.

“I won all three of my singles matches and two of my doubles matches. I’ve really improved this year. I don’t want to sound cocky, but honestly, I’m just looking forward to finally being beat this year. I want someone to absolutely destroy me on the court,” Koons said.

When asked how often the team practiced, Koons sighed and said they practice “from like 2 to 5”. Koons has high expectations for the current group of girls and expects their record to soon improve.

The team currently has a 7-8 record and is scheduled to play 5 matches this week.