IHSA Set to Make Announcement on Boys, Girls Basketball Seasons

Tyler Chrenka, Editor-in-Chief

As IHSA prepares to announce if there will be a season, boys and girls basketball players are waiting with anticipation. 

The season was said to take place in the winter, and both teams began practicing mid-November. After just one week of practice, however, IHSA canceled both seasons. 

“We had begun practicing, and because the IHSA said that there was going to be a season, we were all excited and getting prepared to play,” said junior Elle Evans. “It was a bummer that it was canceled so soon, but I was not surprised because COVID-19 cases were rising.” 

After the cancelation IHSA stated there would be no official decision about the two seasons until further notice. Now that the final decision is supposed to be announced in under two weeks, Evans is not optimistic about the decision. 

“If I had to guess, I would say that we won’t have one,” she said. “The pandemic is still looking bad, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they acted the same as they did in November when the cases were rising.” 

While Evans does not think there will be a season, her teammate, junior Sydney Harris, thinks there will be a shortened season. 

“I think that we will end up with a shorter season that consists of only conference play and no playoffs. I just want to play, so if it ends up being that way, I will be okay with it,” Harris said. “To prepare for a season and to stay in shape, I have been working out basically every day, and I have also been playing with my [Amateur Athletic Union] travel team.” 

Senior Brennan Weller has been staying in shape by shooting hoops at the gym every day for three to four hours. He is unsure of what will happen, and he is upset about how his final season is being spent. 

“Each day that passes seems to make the season less likely, but I am still hopeful and positive,” Weller said. “It’s upsetting because for myself and the rest of the seniors, this is the year we have all been looking forward to.”