Girls Track Perseveres Through Uncertain Season

Emily Kloostra, Staff Writer

After being forced to stop running in the middle of the indoor season, the girls track team is eager to compete in potential outdoor races.

“I only got to go to one of the meets,” senior Eloise Allen said, “but indoor season is always a great environment to see where we’re at and start momentum to get better the whole season.”

The indoor season consisted of only two meets for EHS, but senior Brooke Allen said the team was already breaking both school and personal records. With its strong start, the team is heading into the rest of the season working to improve.

“Our team is practicing longer this year and hitting the gym a lot more often and we already see improvement,” Brooke said. “I go to the gym on my own time to become stronger physically and mentally.”

Self-improvement is what the sport is about, according to Eloise.

“In a race, especially if it isn’t a relay, the only person holding you accountable is yourself,” she said. “You have to find it within yourself to push yourself and get better every race and every practice.”

Although the future of spring sports is uncertain due to COVID-19 and social distancing, Eloise said she hopes the team will be able to see what it can accomplish, especially Brooke and senior Quiana Johnson.

“They have both worked so hard throughout high school and I can’t wait to see all their hard work pay off,” Eloise said.

The pride Eloise has for her teammates is not unusual, Brooke said.

“Even though it is an individual sport,” she said, “… There is always someone cheering you on. It is a big family.”

Johnson even noted that the team is more supportive this season than ever before. Whether the group is bonding through long bus rides or annoying their coach, she said the team has become very inclusive.

“Usually everyone just sticks to their own event and doesn’t watch the other events,” Johnson said, “but this year I see girls that don’t do that event watch [it].”

Even through social distancing and the threat of a season cancellation, Johnson is focused on making friends.

“We are not just a team of random people,” she said. “We are slowly becoming a family.”