Cardinals Offseason Disappoints so Far

Jack Barker, Sports Editor

As the final out of the NLCS was recorded nearly three months ago, the Cardinals have remained relatively stagnate in their offseason hunt.

A 91-71 finish paired with a trip to a series that left the Cardinals a mere four games from the World Series, you think the fans would be satisfied. 

Well, most aren’t.

With any offseason comes major acquisitions, big trades and an obnoxious amount of rumors that can start by a random person on Twitter and gain serious momentum. Luckily this offseason hasn’t seen much of that. But, what it has seen, are some serious rumors regarding the Cardinals.

Back in early January, some serious rumors came about tying the Cardinals and five-time All-Star Nolan Areanado of the Colorado Rockies. While the reports were minimal at first, they reached their height on Jan. 12, when Jon Morosi of released a report saying that the talks between the two teams had gone as far as the preliminary phase.

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. A report came out on the night of Jan. 20 by Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, telling fans that Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt claims that the team is “not actively” in trade talks with anyone.

Now, let’s move on from what everyone hoped would happen to what did actually happen.

The Cardinals have made some interesting offseason moves to say the least. Right around the time that the Arenado rumors began to swirl, they acquired a young southpaw, Matthew Liebratore from the Rays for outfielders Randy Arozarena and Jose Martinez.

Liebratore, a first round draft pick in 2018 will surely jump to the top-10 prospects list within the organization. He is also to be reunited with his childhood friend, Nolan Gorman, who was drafted the same year as Liebratore.

A few other insignificant moves have been made this offseason, but nothing roster shaking. They have now lost out on Marcell Ozuna, who signed with the Atlanta Braves on Jan. 21.

All fans can do now is wait. Will the Arenado sweepstakes gain any momentum again? These are all answers fans will have answered soon enough.