EHS Boys Soccer Hosts Successful Senior Night

Cassi Reaka, Staff Writer

The EHS varsity soccer team beat Belleville West 5-0 during the senior night game on Oct. 3.

The team honored its 16 seniors before the game. According to senior Alan Ebert, this is a large amount of seniors compared to previous years.

Senior Logan Loftus thinks that the large amount of seniors has been beneficial to the team.

“A lot of us have known each other forever so we have great chemistry and are really good friends,” Loftus said.

Senior Cooper Nolan earned the first point of the game followed five minutes later with a goal by Ebert, according to The Intelligencer. Junior Brennan Weller scored in the second half and Nolan scored twice more.

“The kids moved the ball very, very well in all aspects. I know it is Senior Night, but it just seemed comfortable. I thought all the kids did a good job, especially early on,” EHS coach Mark Heiderscheid said in an interview with The Intelligencer.

The team is currently 16-3 and is undefeated in conference before moving to playoffs. Ebert is hopeful for the outcome of these games.

“We have won every game in conference and are at the top of the conference so we have a good chance in making it for in the state tournament,” Ebert said.

Loftus said that winning state is a huge goal of the team.

“Our dream as a team is to win state and we are going to do all we can do to make it come true,” Loftus said.

Although it is not the end yet, Senior Night caused many of the seniors to reminisce about their time on the team.

“I will definitely miss playing for the school and will be very sad after we play our last game,” Ebert said. “I’ve made a lot of memories with my teammates and loved representing the school.”

Because they have played together for so long, Loftus said that he will miss his teammates once the season ends.

“One of the best things ever is stepping on the field with my friends and winning in front of the fans.”