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“Rich Men North of Richmond” is a Poor Debut for Oliver Anthony

Some of my favorite songs are protest anthems. 

Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power,” the Clash’s “London Calling” and Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” are some of the greatest songs of all time and will all be on my Spotify Rewind this year.

Oliver Anthony’s No. 1 single, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” will not be on that time-honored list.

Anthony’s song, which was uploaded to YouTube Aug. 8, gained instant traction with right-wing media outlets and personalities and quickly became one of the most popular songs in the country, even playing at the GOP debate Aug. 24.

Anthony sings about the plight of small-town Americans, blaming the titular “Rich Men North of Richmond” for many of the issues plaguing our country.

He specifically cites the abuse of welfare by obese people as one of these issues. Of course, Anthony is overlooking the fact that unhealthy food, like the fudge rounds mentioned in the song, is often cheaper than nutritious food.

But the flawed arguments don’t stop there.

In blaming only the rich men that are north of Richmond, which was the capital of the Confederacy, Anthony evokes the Mason-Dixon line, which divided the country between slave and free states in the Civil War. 

This sentiment perpetuates the North-South divide and indicates that Anthony really only has issues with Northern politicians, while overlooking southern politicians like Ron DeSantis or Marjorie Taylor Greene who pander to small-town Americans while passing laws that hurt veterans and disadvantaged people.

If you ask Anthony, though, you’ll find that he doesn’t take a side. 

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Anthony said that he never intended the song to be used by politicians like it was at the GOP debate and that the song isn’t just about Joe Biden. It’s about all politicians.

The sentiment is nice, but there’s a difference between an artist’s intention and what their art is communicating.

When Anthony sings about high taxes or loose welfare restrictions, he’s not singling out all politicians. He’s saying that Northern liberals are strangling the American small-town life when, in reality, it’s mostly conservative politicians who are cutting social programs and voting against higher living wages.

You can’t play both sides but fight for only one.

About the Contributor
Zach Kennett, Sports Editor
Zach Kennett is a first-time journalism student and first-time member of the Claw. He currently serves as the co-editor-in-chief of The Tiger, which is the school’s yearbook. He formerly served as the managing editor. He has also won two sectional titles in scholastic journalism, with one being in news writing and the other being in sports writing. Zach enjoys spending his (dwindling) free time with his dogs, playing video games, cooking or driving his truck, Hank. Being a member of the Claw is important to him in that he was previously mentored by former Claw members and looks forward to leaving his mark on the publication.