Dream’s Face-Reveal Sparks Controversy Over His Looks


photo courtesy of Dream, video: "hi, I'm Dream."

YouTuber Dream’s face-reveal sparked controversy after people on Twitter said he was ugly. The face-reveal was released on Oct. 2.

Natalie Becker, Opinion editor

Picture this: you’re a popular creator on YouTube and you’ve never shown your face. You decide to face-reveal and get an overwhelming amount of hate for just how you look. This is what happened to Dream, a Minecraft YouTuber who face-revealed on Oct. 2. 

Dream decided to face-reveal because his best friend, fellow YouTuber GeorgeNotFound, moved to Florida, where Dream resides. Dream FaceTimed all of his content creator friends to generate hype around the face-reveal. In the three days before and during the face-reveal, Dream had higher search averages than Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin and Kanye West combined.

This face-reveal was monumental, fueling 1 million viewers at the time of the premiere. As of today, “hi, I’m Dream,” the face-reveal video, has 42 million views. It’s most likely one of the biggest face-reveals to date.

After the face-reveal, many fans flocked to Twitter to congratulate Dream on his success and hopes for the future. There were many people, however, calling him ugly and comparing his face to other controversial YouTubers like Shane Dawson or Onision.

The fact of the matter is: he’s definitely not ugly. I might be a little biased, considering I’m a fan of his, but he has above average looks. Every content creator I saw talking about Dream said that he was good-looking. 

The antis (people who hate Dream) were also calling him ugly in the name of “anti-racism.” Dream was involved in many controversies that portrayed him as racist. Some painted a false narrative and some were proven to be true, but he has stated and shown that he has grown from that. Many of Dream’s black fans agree that he is a good person now and understand that his environment influenced him greatly.

Calling someone ugly to stand up to racism has got to be the dumbest form of protest I’ve ever seen. Not only does it do nothing for the cause, but it also pins together two factors of a person that are completely different: a person’s personality traits and genetic traits.

I, and probably anyone who went through kindergarten, was told to be kind to others, no matter what they looked like. So why are there people complaining about how somebody looks on my Twitter timeline? Are you mad that Dream is more attractive than you, or do you think calling him ugly will deplatform him?

No matter the outcome, Dream still wins. He earns money for every time the video is watched and he gets to live with his best friends. 

Dream tweeted on his private account after the face-reveal: “Just know that I don’t take [the hate] to heart and it’s the same as always! There’s always way more to love to drown hate out, so don’t let negativity get you guys down, people will always be cruel. I’m just excited to get out and do stuff!!”

Dream has dealt with negativity his whole career. He said in the video that the FBI called him and said there was a death threat on his life. He said the event had “a tiny bit of humor.” 

It’s sad to see a content creator be desensitized to so much hate to the point where they think a death threat is humorous. No one should get any sort of hate just for how they look. 

Regardless of the face-reveal, Dream will still be creating Minecraft content. It didn’t all come to end just because his face is in the public eye.

The Minecraft community is super excited for what Dream plans to do next. He was recently in San Diego for TwitchCon and in L.A. with friends. He posts something almost every day with his face in frame.

I think it’s safe to say the negativity didn’t do much to ruin his spirit or his self-esteem.