Part 3 of 3: America Looks Powerless, Terrorist Attack Likely


Courtesy of AP Images

Afghan refugees receive aide at a German airport.

Joel Garwood, Staff Writer

The U.S. looks weak on an international scale, terrorists have our weapons and we have open borders. It is only a matter of time before we have a terrorist attack on home turf.

Americans are statistically more nationalist and patriotic than any other country, according to polls done by World Population Review. When asked if their country was the best in the world, a whopping 41 percent of Americans said The U.S. is the best and 73 percent said The U.S. is one of the best countries in the world.

As Americans we have historically taken pride in flaunting our superpower status; so why would we stop now?

The U.S. needs to demonstrate its’ power by eliminating the terrorists occupying Afghanistan. Because of our withdrawal, Afghanistan has reverted to being a breeding ground for terrorism. The Taliban will use the $6 billion in weaponry to obtain more weapons, and eventually use to cause havoc in other countries. 

Our failure in Afghanistan has shown the world our frailties. We haven’t just advertised our weaknesses to the terrorist groups occupying Afghanistan; countries such as China may take this opportunity to attack or support the terrorists.

My main concern is that an unidentified civilian will wander into the middle of a crowded city toting a bomb, and set it off. And really, what’s stopping them? 

In the heat of evacuation, Afghans without any form of identification were transported to America. Refuge should have initially been granted to those with green cards and/or visas, followed by women and children. By granting asylum to the unidentified we put ourselves at risk.

The Taliban, Al Qaeda and Isis-K don’t care about exhausting our military strength, or attempting to defeat us; all they intend to do is kill as many Americans as possible.